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Moving abroad?

Quick, Safe 

and Cost-Effective

International Removals

Professional Crew & Fantastic Value for money

Move to Europe as smooth as possible


Enjoy Stress Free Move With Trusted Movers


Certified Independent Mover

Save Time - From the day w pack and collect your goods in UK, France, Belgium, Germany or Netherlands you can expect that your move will be completed within 2-5 days  - that's for full house removals. Smaller loads can take considerably longer (average 2-14 days). You can also store your goods with us.

Save Money - Our idea is simple, provide the best possible Moving service at the most competitive price.

From a clear and transparent quote - to a fixed final price with no hidden charges. The way we are operating our business - allows us to pass massive savings on our clients. This is a win - win situation.

Save Trouble - You can enjoy fully trained, equipped and careful removal crew. We are working to the highest standards in the industry, helping well know organizations and individuals to relocate. Fantastic value for money and piece of mind - this is what makes a real difference when moving Internationally.

Full Support - If  you have any questions, doubts or just want to know more - please feel free to contact us and our team will be happy to assist. You will get support from the very first call all the way to the final delivery of your belongings. 

Jennifer Kite Powwel Hicks FORBES Contributor

"...Today, people in the service business make a lot of promises along with a lot of excuses. They don't follow through and they don't seem to care.

But LOPA Removals is in a class all its own, they break that pattern. They are the best case of what a service business should be like and they are the perfect example of a company that cares, delivers on their promises and enjoys their work.

From the move planner to the people that show up to remove your things all the way to the informative and entertaining moving material and the speedy and thorough reply on a quote, they are the only example to emulate for customer service, price and care for their clients..."

No access problems GUARANTEED

Smooth, stress free removals to France, Germany, Netherlands... 

Insured Removals - For your piece of mind all our quotes are inclusive of professional Insurance cover. You can adjust or decrease it to suit your requirements and budget.

GPS Tracking  - Not only for the safety but also to make our operation as smooth and efficient as possible, all our vehicles are fitted with unique GPS tracking systems. 

Long & Short term storage - if you are still looking for your perfect property to move into, we can store your goods in our secure and safe storage for as long as you wish. When ready, simply let us know and we will arrange a delivery.

Full Range of Services - every move is different and requires different approach. This is why with Lopa Removals you can choose from the whole range of additional services like: Full Packing, Fragile Packing, External lifts, Artwork crating, piano removals.... Everything to meet your requirements and make it as smooth as possible.

From glasses to artwork

Professional Packing & Crating

Self Pack - If you are looking for a most cost effective way to move - you can use our Standard Moving Service. You pack all the content and our crew will secure all the furniture and large items. 

Fragile Pack  - You can also pack all the clothes and books and leave all the glass for us to pack. This way you can be sure that everything will be safe. We will take care of protecting  all the furniture and large objects

Full Packing Service - This is our Premium Package, where you don't haver to do anything. Our crew will arrive earlier and pack everything for you: from glasses, books and clothes to sofas and mattresses.

Crating & Shipping wrapping - Some objects might require a special casing or wrapping - no problem. We will provide a custom made crate or speciall wrapping and make sure that everything is safe and ready to be moved.

Support, Advice, Transparent Information

We are here to help you move 

The number ONE thing

Meet the Team :

The most important thing is to have the right people with right mindset who can take a good care of your belongings (from a single box to the whole house content) and right equipment that can make even most difficult job as easy as lifting a box. Having those two in place it's a GUARANTEE of a successful move.

It's a GUARANTEE of your satisfaction.

We can only compete with ourselves...

My adventure with Removals Industry began almost 11 years ago when I've started working for one of the biggest Moving companies in South East UK. Here at Copsey Removals I've learned all the skills and techniques of successful moving business, but also I have picked up something else, something much more important: the mindset. The Idea that customers satisfaction should be a driving force for every business, that company must constantly create and develop new, wider range of services based on it's customers requirements. 

Now, Lopa Removals Ltd. is one of the home brands, especially for people moving between UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. We are constantly developing our services and skills, finding new ways to satisfy our customers. This allows us to stay close with our clients and pay more attention to their needs.

This approach, dedicated staff , hundreds of happy customers, International Quality Standard of ISO9001 and support of AXA allow us to work with great people and organizations such as:


European Parliament, Warner Bros, The Herald Tribune, JP Morgan,

British Council of Fashion...

We are also an Approved Service Partner for Pickfords - The biggest and most reputable Moving Company.

I truly believe that we are providing a great service, full of passion, determination and with only one goal: 

Your Satisfaction. Let me prove it to you.


Jaroslaw Wolak

Noor Kadhim



of Commerce

"...Out of all the removal companies I have used in my life and I have lived in many different places, from Dubai to London to Paris your service was by far the best. 

Your service was always punctual, and professional, and took a lot of the stress out of moving, which is one of life's most stressful experiences..."

99.2% of our Moves has been completed without a single damage.

That's less than 1 in a hundred - Not even a single glass!


We take extreme care when dealing with your possessions but if by any chance we will damage anything during your move

We will arrange a payout, replacement or repair within 24 hours GUARANTEED

Secure storage

Short and Long term storage when moving  

Secure, Gated & Insured - All our storage units are located within gated and secured yard. We are using only high quality containers approved by BAR for storing household items.

Short & Long Term - We can keep you goods for as long as you wish. With competitive weekly rates this is ideal solution if you are still looking for the perfect house or you just need more time.

Professionally stacked - all your goods will be placed in the storage by our experienced crew. This way you can be sure that after few weeks or months everything is in the same condition.

Protected - to make it as safe as possible, all your goods will be covered with woolly blankets and sofas and mattresses will be placed into a special plastic covers

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